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Orange & Aqua

Title: "Orange & Aqua"
Type: Soprano
Year: 2016

New soprano sized instrument with a body made out of quarter sawn fir which is a light weight and very sonorous wood joined with a baked curly maple neck. The baking process is (professionally) done over the course of a few days in an oven under vacuum. The result is a wood with the instant vintage look.

I wanted to try painting a sunburst that was different from the normal tobacco / amber colors that I generally use. So I mixed up a few bright complimentary colors and the result is very fun.

The ukulele plays very brightly, percussive and loudly. Currently it’s strung up with the red Aquila strings which accentuate these tonal qualities even more. The finish is super smooth and glossy and the soprano ukulele weighs in at only 13 ozs. It comes with a hardshell Pohaku case.