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Title: "Driftwood"
Size: Concert 10

You'll never see another one like this again. I'll never be able to make another one like this again. It all started with a piece of driftwood I fished out of the bay a few years back which I brought to my shop and put it aside and when I looked at it a few years later I got the brilliant idea to make a special ukulele out of it. The wood is quartersawn redwood which had been weathered long enough to give it a patina but not long enough to compromise the structure of the wood. There wasn't enough of the painted wood to make the whole instrument  with painted surfaces so I divided it up and made a neck and fingerboard out of a piece of Milo wood which is suitable neck and fingerboard wood and compliments the look of the body. The fret-markers are turquoise chips. A bay octopus is nestled into the peghead.

This is one of my concert 'ten' style ukuleles so it's a concert scale length with the smaller body so it has that sparky percussive quality to its sound. I left it unfinished except for a tung oil neck finish. I'm extremely pleased with the concept of this instrument and how it came out. It truly is a special Pohaku ukulele like no other.