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Pohaku Ukuleles are built by master craftsman Peter Hurney who began creating the first Pohaku Ukuleles in Kailua, Hawaii in the early 1990's. Many instruments later the shop is now in Berkeley, California. It is a one person shop and Peter creates about 30 high quality instruments a year.
      Come on into the website and have a look around. Look in Ukulele's For Sale to see what new creations are currently available. Often this section is fairly empty so keep checking back to find newly completed ukuleles.
      In the Gallery you can see significant instruments that Peter has made.
      Tech Tips displays proper Ukulele String Knots ,shows how to re-string a Pin-less Style Bridge, has a Step by Step installation guide for Peg-Hed tuners, and information on Mi-Si Pickup Installation & Operation.
      In the Store you can purchase Pohaku Ukuleles, Peg-Hed Brand Planetary Tuners, Grover Brand Tuners,  Mi-Si Pickup Sets and Ukulele Strings including single Low G strings and brand new GUT strings for that old fashioned ukulele sound.
       My Other Stuff is a showcase of other arts and interests. This is my favorite section.


Bliss Blood playing her custom Pohaku soprano with The Moonlighters at a Ukulele Noir

Craig Robertson onstage with his custom Pohaku "Devil Mermaid" Concert

Kitten On The Keys with her custom Pohaku Concert
Tippy Canoe with her custom Pohaku Concert
Ami Worthen from Mad Tea Party with her custom Pohaku Soprano

Uni and her Ukelele...a custom Pohaku Soprano

photo to Maria Bjuhr





Pohaku Ukuleles
by Peter Hurney       

937 Grayson Street, Berkeley, California, United States 94710 510-845-5055        





Art Deco Gold Tenor









It all started in the womb. The unborn Olivia Millerschin stirred with excitement, hoping that when she arrived into world, she would be able to pursue her dreams in the music business. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the genetics and she was born with chubby, short fingers making it downright impossible to accompany herself on a guitar and most other instruments. She traveled over brutal deserts and through stormy waters, searching for an instrument to accompany herself with but alas her  little nubs of fingers proved to be too much of a handicap. Then one day, she discovered a mini guitar with little frets that her fingers could manage: the ukulele. Peter Hurney upgraded her with a custom Pohaku Ukulele that she now refuses to leave home without. This uke has made appearances on stages across the country.
       Listen to Olivia Millerschin tunes on her debut release 'Yes. No. Maybe So' , available from www.oliviamillerschin.com and view her charming videos on You-Tube.






























Pohaku Ukuleles by Peter Hurney        937 Grayson Street, Berkeley, California, United States 94710 510-845-5055        email