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Hailing from New York City the Moonlighters harken back to the days when a band didn’t need a drummer to rock.  The Moonlighters have been part of the New York jazz & pop music scene since 1998, with a mix of 20’s Pop & Hawaiian Swing with a touch of jazz and western swing. Fronted by the accomplished Bliss Blood the Moonlighters have five CD releases on their Onliest Record Label. Besides being well know in their New York haunts the band has toured repeatedly in Germany.  The band consists of a bassist, a steel guitar player, a baritone ukulele player and Bliss Blood who plays her bright red soprano Pohaku ukulele. This instrument was made especially for Bliss to compliment her striking stage presence and rhythmic playing style. The Moonlighters are signed onto the World Sound label.


Craig of Boston, Massachusetts has been in the music business ever since he was a young rebellious lad during the French & Bulgarian revolutions. As a teen he performed courtly music in the Palace of Ruddivel the 4th before being forced to flee the country to the American Colonies where his musical career got put on hold for a spell.  During this time Mr. Robertson made a name for himself as one of the finest Haberdashers in the world.  Unbeknownst to him, in the outer reaches of the Pacific Ocean forces were aligning on the tiny island kingdom of Hawaii letting the ukulele to come into being. Little did he know that this small yet mighty instrument would change his life forever.


 Kitten is one of those performers that help make San Francisco, San Francisco. I know Kitten to be dangerously honest, she’s rumored to be deviant in her activities and listening to her music reaffirms that she is sweet in her insanity.  Her skills as a pianist, ukulele player and accordionist allow her to focus on the theatrical aspect of her performances, and theatrical she is, think Betty Boop on a rant, throw in a touch of insanity, a spot of burlesque a little more than a pinch of shameless genius and you have Kitten on the Keys.  Kitten needed a killer ukulele and I was delighted to be able to make one for her. Meow, meow.


Concert size ukulele built for local San Francisco ukulele songstress Tippy Canoe, a prolific performer, one of our major pivotal point persons for the local San Francisco ukulele scene and the leader of her band ‘Tippy Canoe & the Paddlemen’. Tippy studied art in college and is fond of the Bauhaus movement of art which inspired the custom silk-screened graphics on her custom Pohaku Ukulele. If you’re out of our area and can’t enjoy the Paddlemen firsthand you can enjoy their self released album Parasols & Pekingese.


Ami Worthen said that her dream instrument would have flames on it. She gave me a picture of a 50’s Hot Rod that had flames on it and said “I want my ukulele to look like this”. How’d we do? Out of Asheville, North Carolina Ami Worthen & Jason Krekel make up the duo of the Mad Tea Party now signed onto the Nine Mile Record label. They bill their music as Ukeabilly, I call it rocking. Jason plays the electric guitar and foot drums while sometimes busting out the fiddle. Ami is on the ukulele and most of the lead vocals. Sometimes I too am surprised that her high-energy playing doesn’t cause her ukulele to self ignite. This is why I built her soprano ukulele and coated it with a special fire retardant. Hot!


Uni is Heather Marie Ellison. Uni and her Ukulele began it’s life in 2004.  She’s released three full albums, numerous E.P’s, collaborations and a covers album ranging from lo -fi indie pop to melodic strings to rock. Uni’s sound has been described as eclectic, infectious pop and not your usual Ukulele fare.  Recipient of the SF Weekly Music Award, Uni has toured all over the USA and Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and has been the subject of  celebrated festival Documentary  “The Mighty Uke."


It all started in the womb. The unborn Olivia Millerschin stirred with excitement, hoping that when she arrived into world, she would be able to pursue her dreams in the music business. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the genetics and she was born with chubby, short fingers making it downright impossible to accompany herself on a guitar and most other instruments. She traveled over brutal deserts and through stormy waters, searching for an instrument to accompany herself with but alas herlittle nubs of fingers proved to be too much of a handicap. Then one day, she discovered a mini guitar with little frets that her fingers could manage: the ukulele. Peter Hurney upgraded her with a custom Pohaku Ukulele that she now refuses to leave home without. This uke has made appearances on stages across the country. Listen to Olivia Millerschin tunes on her debut release 'Yes. No. Maybe So', available from and view her charming videos on You-Tube.


Brooklyn’s Sweet Soubrette is a ukulele-powered indie rock band with dark, poetic lyrics, songs that tell stories, and lush instrumentation. Sweet Soubrette’s edgy love songs explore troubled romance, works of literature, and the mysteries of existence.  Sweet Soubrette plays frequently in NYC, and internationally, ranging from a solo singer/songwriter act to an acoustic trio to an 8-piece band with bass, drums, and a horn section.  She has released multiple albums with sensational reviews.