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Curly Fir & Walnut

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Title: Curly Fir & Walnut
Type: Concert 10
Price: $1000

The body of this Concert 10 size instrument is Curly California (Claro) Walnut with an unusual Curly Douglas Fir Soundboard. The neck is a dense lightweight quarter sawn Fir and the fingerboard is Bubinga Rosewood. There is an active Mi-Si pick-up built into the instrument. It is an undersaddle piezo pickup coupled with an active pre-amp. No batteries are needed, the pickup is charged with the supplied plug in charger and it is good for a days playing before a recharge is necessary. The instrument is bright and sparky un-plugged and the sky is the limit when you plug it in.

The art deco keyed accent in the top of the peg head is inlaid maple and ebony as are the inlaid cross-bar fret markers. The set up and action and fret work on this and all Pohaku ukuleles is second to none. The back of the body is also arched on Pohaku ukuleles. Planetary Gotoh brand tuners with their smooth 4:1 gear ratio make this instrument super easy to tune.

Overall length is about 24” and weight is approx. 19 ozs. The instrument comes in a hard shell case. Price is $1000 + tax in California + shipping is $40