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Bliss Blood

Title: "Bliss Blood"
Size: Soprano

Hailing from New York City the Moonlighters harken back to the days when a band didn’t need a drummer to rock.

The Moonlighters have been part of the New York jazz & pop music scene since they formed in 1998 with their music blending a mix of 20’s Pop & Hawaiian Swing with a touch of jazz and western swing added for good measure. Fronted by the accomplished Bliss Blood the Moonlighters have five CD releases on their Onliest Record Label. Besides being well know in their New York haunts the band has toured repeatedly in Germany. 

The band consists of a bassist, a steel guitar player, a baritone ukulele player and Bliss Blood who plays her bright red soprano Pohaku ukulele. This instrument was made very specially for Bliss and compliments her striking stage presence and rhythmic playing style brilliantly.

The Moonlighters are now signed onto the World Sound label.