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Bold White Koa with Cowboy Trim

Title: "Bold White Koa with Cowboy Trim"
Type: Concert


The body is a reddish hued curly koa from the Big Island of Hawaii and there is plenty of Maple decorating the instrument. The bindings, bridge, mustache, peg-head inlay, rosette and fret-markers are all maple.  The East Indian fingerboard has maple fret-markers and 15 frets total. Planetary geared 4:1 ratio peghead tuners are installed and it is lacquer finished. The back is nicely bowled as all Pohaku ukuleles are. 

Currently it is strung low G and it's sound is strong in the mid range and has tons of sustain. It plays well picking as well as strumming. 

Overall length is 23 1/2” and weight is approx. 19 ozs. It will come in a new hard shell case.

An image of this ukulele appears in the book, "Learn to Play the Ukulele," published by Fox Chapel Publishers.