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Title: "Periwinkle"
Size: Soprano

A few months ago I saw a picture of an old sea foam green National Electric guitar in a book which inspired me and got me thinking about making some ukuleles using 50’s deco colors. I decided to make a concert and a soprano each using dark curly wood sides mixed with top & back plates finished in deco colors. I also have wanted to use the Mother of TS pearloid fingerboard treatment and these were great ukes to get the treatment. 

This soprano ukulele is percussive and punchy as a good soprano should be but its spruce top gives it a little extra ring. The playing and action are excellent with perfect fretwork, a silky smooth neck and right on intonation.

The finish is glossy and flawless; instead of a solid color the deco blue color is applied in a see thru technique much as Paul Reed Smith uses on his elegantly finished electric guitars. It’s called a lacquer shader. The blue is applied a little heavier on the spruce soundboard and is lighter over the figured curly maple back and peghead of the ukulele.