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Golden Atomic

Title: Golden Atomic
Type: Baritone

Golden Atomic Baritone 01_outline_web.png

The “Golden Atomic” has a naturally bold, full and powerful sound with loads of sustained clarity and a rich sonorous bass; obvious qualities a good baritone should always have. Along with fantastic intonation and a solid set up for ease of playability, our, “Golden Atomic” uses the new Peghed brand #844, Nickel, Ivoroid, planetary geared tuners, for reliable and fast tuning.

The body wood is a golden curly Koa from the Big Island of Hawaii which has been aged for approximately 15 years. It’s well quarter sawn and has a superb color and figure and is finished with a shiny, smooth lacquer. The fingerboard is Rosewood, with Maple bar fret markers, and white MOP dots. The “Atomic” icon inlay on its peg head is white, brown and gold Mother of Pearl on a Birds Eye Maple background. The ‘pinless’ bridge is also Birds Eye Maple. The neck is quarter sawn Honduran Mahogany.

We usually don’t make too many Baritone instruments but when they do come out, they’re incredibly satisfying instruments to hold and play. Years ago we built a custom ‘atomic’ uke for a client and had a photo of it up in our workshop while building the, "Golden Atomic." Initially plans for this uke were to keep it ‘plain’ and unadorned, but the vintage photo called to us, and as a result this, "Golden Atomic Baritone" exists. (There’s another, smaller atomic tenor in the same batch of instruments, a sibling uke you can also purchase, in case you’d like to collect the pair!)

The ukulele is approx. 28” long and weighs about 29 ozs.