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Ukulele String Knots


For attaching strings on a ‘tie on’ bridge wind the string knot around itself one to three times. The number depends on how your bridge was made. Larger tie blocks can take up to three loops on the thinner strings while narrow tie blocks usually take only two. The fatter strings on the instruments usually only wrap around one or two times. 

Too few wraps the string ends will poke you and too many will bunch up and not set right. Cut the string ends from the knots only after you’ve pulled the strings firmly up to playing tension.

For attaching strings on a traditional slotted bridge or on a pinless bridge (like I often use) tie the knot as shown. This knot will not slip and will give you a ‘fatter’ knot than the normal double knot that most people tie.This knot is known as a figure eight knot,