Concert Ten Steampunk Ukulele


  In the world of Steampunk, machines must not only be practical, they must be pieces of art. During the Victorian era, objects were not only meant to be impressive in function , but in form as well. Steampunk art celebrates a time when technology was produced, not by large corporations but by talented and independent artisans.
          The Concert Ten Steampunk Ukulele Number Two: Concert size ukulele, crafted  out of the finest exotic Mahogany timbers from far off lands, and solidly riveted together with the delicate finesse of an artisan bridge builder. This unique concert ready instrument has voyaged the seven seas of the world finally floating ashore at the doorsteps of the Pohaku studios where reportedly, with some deft practiced touches it now rests for a while in a fine ukulele gallery where it is ready to be offered to the unwitting public.

$1400 with carry all case
23” 17 ozs.