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Mahogany Ebony Sunburst - Soprano

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Title: Mahogany Ebony Sunburst
Type: Soprano
Price: $950

Our newest sopranos are made of a hard to source, curly Honduran wood, a wood selection this nice is especially rare nowadays. Mahogany is a great tone-wood for ukuleles, in fact Martin used it for years with their instruments which are now coveted for good reason. The soundboard is one piece Mahogany; the sides are also one piece without a seam. These instruments are inspired by Martins' but aren't direct copies.  They do have a similar sound but some clients claim they sound better.

This soprano is light and precise.  It's built a little bit more ruggedly with more finish than a Martin. The instrument is complete with peghed 4:1 ratio planetary geared tuners and a signature curved Pohaku back. The woods used are well seasoned with a lovely  black Ebony fretboard and slotted bridge. The final lacquer is layered with a rich but subtle amber and a classic tobacco sunburst edge treatment.

Currently the Mahogany Ebony Sunburst is strung with Aquila Nylgut strings, the action is set low for easy playing and the intonation and set up are excellent; it plays in tune all the way up the fretboard. This delightful instrument has good volume and clear notes and is everything a soprano ukulele ought to be!

The ukulele comes with a hardshell case. It is approx. 21” long and weighs about 13 ozs. Price is $950 plus sales tax in Calfornia. Shipping is $40 to the mainland U.S.