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Grafted Pecan- Concert 10

Title: "Grafted Pecan Dip"
Type: Concert 10
Price: $1,050

This is a fine example of the smaller of the two concert size instruments that I make. This design, which I call a Concert Ten has the same concert scale length but the body is a little smaller lending the instrument some of the soprano instruments sound characteristics which is percussive, bright and sparky. This one indeed has all of those characteristics as well as being pretty darn loud. Pecan wood is very dense, similar to rosewood and is mated with a clear soundboard of Alaskan Yellow Spruce. The neck is curly Western Big Leaf Maple and fingerboard is Ebony with Maple and dyed Maple inlay. The 4:1 gear ratio planetary tuners are PegHead brand for easy and accurate tuning and the instrument plays in tune with great intonation and set-up.

Fruit bearing Nut Trees are usually grafted in the nursery splicing together the fruit bearing growth onto disease resistant root stock. This wood is from a grafted nut tree that was retired. A playful mix of this wood was used to make the back and sides of this instrument and I applied two little ‘swatches’ of inlaid wood onto the bottom of the soundboard to enhance the visual interest.

It’s overall length is about 23” and weight is approximately 19 ozs. The instrument comes in a hardshell case. Price is $1050 + Shipping + Tax in the state of California.

(For international shipping, please email us directly to make special arrangements, or we'll simply contact you after check-out.)