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I've always admired furniture in paintings, and a few were so interesting, I had to recreate them.  Here are a few of my favorites that I've made and engineered.

Madame Recamier's Bed
The Settee was modeled from a painting “Madame Recamier’s Bed” by Jacques Louis David. The woods were Hawaiian Eucalyptus Robusta and Ohia.

The Ready Made Bed
The most recent piece of furniture I made was the big bed stimulated by Marcel Duchamp’s “The Ready Made Bed”. I made this bed in 2006 and shortly thereafter I had the good fortune to see the original Duchamp art in a Dada Exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum.

Picasso's Table
Picasso’s Table was my earliest attempt (around 1994) in making a two dimensional painting into a table. The artistic inspiration was Picasso’s “Still Life on a Sideboard”.


Vincent Van Gogh Chair
Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “Chair and Pipe” stimulated the building of Vincent’s chair. It is made of Brazilian Juniper. This was my first attempt at weaving a rush seat. Weaving rush is a skill of its own!



First come love, then marriage, then death.