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Chocolate Mountain - Concert

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Title: "Chocolate Mountain"
Type: Concert
Price: $1,200

Chocolate Mountain is a Walnut and Spruce concert ukulele. This winning combination of woods creates a reliably bright, loud and punchy tone. The Walnut is a curly Claro (or California) Walnut and the Spruce is Bearclaw Sitka from Canada. A little Walnut ‘mountain’ is inlaid at the bottom of the spruce soundboard as well as smaller maple ‘mountains’ inlaid into the Rosewood fingerboard, strategically placed as fret markers. This particular Walnut wood is intensely curly which gives it a lovely and deep chocolate color. Yum.

The ‘pinless, string-thru’ bridge is also made of Walnut with a burled Elm veneer, the edge binding is Pear wood and the neck is a beautiful curly piece of Western Big Leaf Maple. Peghed planetary 4:1 ratio tuners make this easy to tune and Pohaku building perfection makes this easy to play with great intonation and feel. 

The shiny buffed out lacquer finish make this well designed ukulele a one-of-a-kind, show-off you’ll love to hold and perform with.

It usually takes time for a freshly strung instrument to start speaking well, but Chocolate Mountain took off immediately.  I imagine it’ll grow into an incredible instrument, with a robust punch and attack, with long and sustain notes.  It's a pretty satisfying uke regardless of your playing style.

It’s overall length is about 23” and weight is approximately 17 ozs. The instrument comes in a hardshell case. Price is $1,350 + Shipping + Tax in the state of California.

(For international shipping, please email us directly to make special arrangements, or we'll simply contact you after check-out.)