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I first became enamored with Automata sculptures in the late 1970’s after discovering San Francisco’s ‘Musee Mechanique’ which is a museum of turn of the century coin operated mechanical sculptures, Automata,  stereo-scopes and mechanical music players currently located at Fishermans Wharf area of San Francisco, This coin operated museum should be at the top of every tourists must see list of Bay Area attractions, second only of course to visiting the Pohaku Ukulele shop.

My first creations in Automata sculpture were strictly mechanically operated while some of the later ones have been using programmable microprocessors to help operate the sculptures. There is a lot oftime involved into making these so I have not made very many.  But they are fun!

One nice thing about these projects is the collaborative effort that is needed to make them happen. I solicit friends to help me program the micro-processors, apply painterly effects, sew miniature clothes and provide voice talent.

Check back occasionally, there will be new projects added on with some regularity. 

Rimco Automatic Fork Dispenser

Convienient and popular, Rimco Model 'B' Fork Dispenser, another fabulous Automata Sculpture by Clockwork Hurney. Concept and Mechanism by Peter Hurney, Arduino programming by Andre Milota. Voices by Julia Napier, Ken Jensen, Lena Ghazarian, Andre Milota and Nicole Eiland. Still camera operator and more by David Silberberg. Berkeley, California 2015

Rube Goldberg Fork Dispenser

Inspired by the novel quirkiness of my first automatic fork dispenser and a childhood fascination with Rube Goldberg machines (thanks Dad) this is the next and (possibly) the last in this series of fork dispensers. This machine was made with the help of Andre Milota’s programming skills using Arduino Duemilanove microprocessor controllers. The video was made with the on screen talent of Brittany Gunter as the Fork Girl Spokesperson and Ken Jensen as the Fez Man. As always David Silberberg is a good film consultant. Berkeley, California 2017

Fortune Teller

I’m told that everybody loves fortunes so this box was created to dispense fun and witty fortunes written by Nancy Burkee and myself. Isaac Snider unearthed the Uncanny Eyes animation and programmed these two eyes using the Teensie 3.2 microprocessor controller. Debbie Uchida helped make the attractive Art Deco graphics that adorn the box and Geralyn can be seen adding her two bits as well. Berkeley, California 2018

Red Crank Series
Whimisical and light-hearted, crank Automata series with a signature red cranking lever.

Ursula Upset

The Executioner

Fish Frog

Swan Lake Praxinoscope

Music Box mechanism imagined, designed, conceived and decorated by Peter Hurney, Ballerina animation drawn by Rich Quade.

Coin Op Luger Pistol

This coin operated Luger pistol machine takes only twenty five cents per play.  Although there's no automated motion, it is still considered an automata creation, and is a recreation of a 1984 piece.  The machine is composed of wood, faux metal painting, a coin slot, and a movie prop Luger gun.  2017.

900 Grayson Street

Automata sculpture 'Le Chef' by Peter Hurney; installed at 900 Grayson Street, Restaurant in January 2014, Berkeley, California. This is an Arduino microprocessor controlled sculpture, there are six variations of the soundtrack performed by Ken Jensen of KALX radio, costume by Nancy Burky and programming by Andre Milota.

Coin Operated Sculpture

Deposit a quarter and hear an exciting sound clip. Hanging in the corner restaurant, 900 Grayson the sound clips are all centered on the restaurant's menu and atmosphere. The effects painting was done by local artist Robin Cooper, the Arduino microprosser C++ programming done by Andre Milota and the fifteen short sound clips I produced with vocal talent from talented KALX DJ's: Jewel Case, Hannah, Miranda Wright and the Native Disinformant.