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Art Nouveau Maple - Concert

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Title: "Art Nouveau Maple"
Type: Concert
Price: $1,000

Created in the spirit of the stenciled ukes of the 50’s and 60’s this instrument is the latest evolution in my exploration into the Art Nouveau theatre of design and how it can tastefully be applied to a ukulele.

The swirling lines down the fingerboard are inlaid and the lines on the spruce soundboard are silkscreened onto the wood and then lacquered over. This technique seals in the artwork and leaves the surface flat.

The Spruce soundboard has bearclaw figuring and the Western Bigleaf Curly Maple is very curly. Then neck is also Western Maple and is curly but not as figured as the body wood.

My concert design has a full almost tenor like sound with good note separation and clarity. The Spruce and Maple combination makes for an excellent instrument. The build quality is excellent and the fit and finish second to none. The playability, action and fretwork are well addressed. The ukulele has a nice look and feel and most importantly a great sound.

It is approx 23” long and weighs in at a light 18 ozs.  $1,100 + tax in California + shipping in the US, or say hello in person and pick-up locally.  A custom Pohaku hard case is included.