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Aero-Uke Reproduction - Tenor

Title: "Aero-Uke Reproduction"
Type: Tenor
Price: $800

Wood: Sitka Spruce Soundboard, Honduran Mahogany Body, Rosewood Fingerboard 

This is an excellent and accurate reproduction of an unusual novelty ukulele that Harmony made in the late 1920's and early 1930's. It was the era after Lindbergh made his trans-Atlantic flight and manufactures in America were cashing in on making many products with the airplane theme.

Included in the picures of my instrument is an article cribbed from "Acoustic Guitar" magazine. I had been seeking an instrument to copy for about ten years and finally a generous ukulele enthusiast from Seal Beach lent me his instrument which I took measurements of, drew a plan of, and duplicated in my workshop as accurately as practical. The only significant change which I made in the design was widening the nut end of the fingerboard from the too narrow origonal to a normal, playable width. Suprisingly the scale length of this instrument is only 14" which places it between a soprano and a concert size scale length. The sound, also suprisingly, is big and almost baritone like. It was very unexpected when I first played the instrument. The feel of the instrument is not bad. It's contact points where one holds it are similar to a traditional instrument and it is easy to hold and play, at least for a man. 

It's construction is solid Honduran mahogany, it has a sitka spruce soundboard and a rosewood fingerboard and bridge.The artwork is silkscreened onto the instrument is lacquer finished. It is about 24" long and weighs about 24 ozs. There is a custom zippered bag case available for $100.